Giving to the Children of Flint

With every purchase, a portion of each sale is donated to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint (CFGF) to support the Flint Kids Fund. The Flint Kids Fund was created to ensure long-term support of the health and development needs of Flint children poisoned by lead in their drinking water. Once lead enters the body, the effects (depending on the age of the person exposed) can be immediate, devastating and long lasting. There’s no way to remove lead from the body once it’s been absorbed. Therefore, interventions must be used to mitigate the devastating effects. Positive early childhood education, good nutrition, regular physician check-ups and assessments, and family social and emotional support can help limit the effects of lead on children and improve their behaviors and readiness for school. By purchasing a HOMES Bracelet, you’ll not only receive a reminder of the beautiful places you call home, you’ll give hope to the children of Flint.